How are you doing?

Is it that it is the first time that you would like to join us for Sunday service? Do you have any questions? We’ll try and give you some basic FAQ’s, which we hope you you’ll find helpful. If you still have some questions, you can send us a message through the CONTACT form below. We’re ready to answer any question you might have. And we are certainly looking forward to see you on Sunday! 🙂

Häufig gestellte Fragen:

It is okay to arrive 15 minutes early. You will have enough time to find a parking spot and your seat.

Since there are many families with small children, we try and finish within 90 minutes.

There is a Sunday school programme for kids between 2 and 12. You’ll find more information in the CHURCH LIFE section.

That’s a sure NO! You can dress the way you feel most comfortable.

No. Everybody is welcome and there will be no charge at the entrance door. There might be the occasional fundraising. But this will be at all times a volunteer donation. No one is expecting you to give money.

It is usually pretty simple to get to know other people in our church. Just stay a bit longer after service and have a cup of coffee and fellowship together. You can ask about our hobby groups and small groups that meet during the week. You can take a peak and find out online by scrolling through the CHURCH LIFE section. We are looking forward to meet you!